1036 East Gorham

Barb Bowman, Gertrude, Mary

Barb Boman and her mother Gertrude, who is 96 years old and still living independently, lived at 1036 East Gorham in the 1950's.  Gertrude and her husband purchased the single family home (since converted to a two flat) in 1951 and started their family which grew to four daughters and a son.  Four of her children were born while the family lived in the house.  In 2017, Barb arranged for her mother and sisters to see the inside of the house, for old time sake. The downstairs apartment was vacant on Aug 29th, so Barb, Gertrude, and her 3 other daughters came to look at the first floor and basement of house. They observed the kitchen was now a bedroom and other changes.  For example when they lived there the house had no driveway, the back door was on the west side of the home, and the stairs were modified to accommodate a separate entrance for the upstairs unit.  They were not sure if the big picture window in the front had been added, there was no bath on first floor.

Gertrude's husband was a photographer and owned a printing business which he ran out of the "sun room" that is now the kitchen in the first floor unit.  We hope to share slides that she has stored away, with a glimpse of what the house/neighborhood were like in the 1950's.

August 2017