1124-1126 Curtis Court

There are two duplexes on Curtis Court (behind the old Avenue Bar). 

When the previous owner, David Katz, died, both duplexes were bought by Nick and Cheryl Balazs, who live on Ingersoll.  They rescued four rental units, in bad condition, and have spent over one year renovating and improving these "affordable" houses.  This is a very commendable effort to preserve the housing stock in our neighborhood, especially in the face of so much demolition.  All these houses are over 100 years old, all were built or transported here for factory
worker housing on the Isthmus.

The back yard is shadowed by one of the giant beech trees,
which were planted on these eastside blocks to dry out the marsh.  (similar
trees are further down on Curtis Court and in the school yard of Lapham Elementary, the one in the Madison Dairy/Land o/Lakes parking lot was cut down).