305 N Baldwin
I have owned this home since 1977, although the house was rented out when I lived and worked abroad for two stretches over that period. 

My home was built in 1894.  As you can see in the last photo to the right, it was among the first on Baldwin St. north of Johnson Street.  This photo was given to me by Dave Mollenhoff, author of Madison: A History of the Formative Years; he ran across it during his research.  I've been told there was swampland to the east and an orchard toward the west.

The second photo, located by another friend, is in the Wisconsin Historical Society Collection, and is from the mid 1920s.  (My house can be identified by the unusual roofline.)  Someone who had grown up in Tenney Lapham had told me years ago that there was a house between mine and E. Johnson Street.  However there were two,   I believe they were removed when East Johnson was widened.  

The first photo is of the house today.  I've made a lot of improvements over the years but I believe it still maintains its character.

I have really enjoyed living in the Tenney Lapham neighborhood over the years and will be happy to pass the house on some day.

Your TL Historic Homes project is a wonderful idea.  Thanks for your initiative!